Diet Cruncher 2

Diet Analysis Nutrition Software for Windows and Macintosh for use with the USDA (United States Food Composition Database), and New Zealand FOODfiles Food Composition Database.

For use by Nutritionists, Dietitians, Researchers, Educators, Students, Fitness Centres, Gyms, & Individuals.

Developed by Way Down South Software

Introducing 'Diet Cruncher 2' - a new, completely re-written, version of 'Diet Cruncher'.

Available for Macintosh and Windows.

Diet Cruncher 2 can be used with either the USDA food composition database, or the New Zealand FOODfiles food composition database. The food composition database of your choice is downloaded separately from Diet Cruncher 2, and imported using 'Diet Cruncher 2 Setup'.

A demonstration version is available - which must then be loaded with the food composition by following the setup instructions. The demonstration version has the limitation that only a small, random selection of the nutrient values are displayed. If, after trying the demonstration version, you decide to purchase, you will be provided with an 'unlock code' which removes this limitation.

The previous version, 'Diet Cruncher', has been in use for at least 20 years... by a wide variety of users, including researchers (Google Scholar search for Diet Cruncher).

Mac Screen Shot
Diet Cruncher 2: Macintosh version... shown with USDA database loaded
Win Screen Shot
Diet Cruncher 2: Windows version... shown with USDA database loaded