Diet Cruncher 2

Diet Analysis Nutrition Software for Windows and Macintosh for use with the USDA (United States Food Composition Database), and New Zealand FOODfiles Food Composition Database.

For use by Nutritionists, Dietitians, Researchers, Educators, Students, Fitness Centres, Gyms, & Individuals.

Developed by Way Down South Software

Future Plans

There are some features that I would like to incorporate into Diet Cruncher - but the reality is that I need to get it out there for people to use. Once I know there is a user-base I can dedicate more time to additional features (Note: Diet Cruncher is not my main job, so development is fitted around a full-time job and a busy life).

  • Here are a few items I have plans for:
  • The ability to double-click on a Diet Cruncher file and have it open Diet Cruncher... at the moment you will need to open Diet Cruncher and then use File -> Open to load a diet file.
  • The ability to easily add your own food items and composition data. In theory, one could add additional foods and composition data if one reproduced the file formats of the food composition databases - and imported them using Diet Cruncher Setup.
  • I may create a versions for other countries food composition database - I've started looking at the Canadian Food Composition database - send me a message if you are interested in Diet Cruncher for you countries database.
  • A batch processor - so you could present the batch processor with a folder full of diet files, and it would generate output files for all the diets.
  • A client version of 'Diet Cruncher 2' which would contain the food lists, and common standard measures but no nutrient data - the purpose of this would be that one could give it to a client and get them to record/enter their diet, and send you the resulting file - which you could analyse with your full version of 'Diet Cruncher 2'.

If you are interested in any of these features, let me know... so I can gauge which ones I should work on first.